Friday, December 03, 2004

Nuclear reality TV

Based on recent discussions held by Citizen Smash on the future likelihood of a nuclear weapon being detonated on US soil by our enemies, pop TV seems to have taken to the possibility. The WB's Jack & Bobby (Wed. 12/1 episode) ended the show with this scenario to leave viewers hanging in the balance:

President Robert McCallister addressed the nation on September 11, 2040 (or somewhere around that year) in the shadow of the new Freedom Tower which replaced the World Trade Center. The next day, Spetember 12th, a generic terrorist group drives a van across the Canadian border and detonates a nuclear warhead in downtown Chicago.

As Smash outlines, most Americans don't want to think of this threat as a reality, because let's face it, the thought is a bit of a bummer. But that doesn't change the nature of the threat and that is why deterrence is not enough. A suicide bombing terrorist doesn't care that in response we my nuke his country, he's going to be dead anyway. This isn't like the Cold War where they were afraid we'd fire our nukes in response to theirs and vice versa. Terrorists aren't worried about their citizens, they have no country. They will sacrifice whatever they have at hand to reach their goals, which leads us to the concept of a preemptive war. There out to kill us (our society and way of life actually) and for those of you concerned, that would be bad. Hence Dubya's policy which he clearly articulated shortly after 9/11/01 that we would not distinguish between the actual terrorists and those who harbor or fund them whether those are individuals or countries and their government. And since then we've killed or arrested some 60+% of al Qaeda and replaced to terrorist friendly (harboring/funding) governments.

There is still lots of work to be done. This is not a threat that will easily be defeated, and honestly it could take at least as long as the Cold War. But Americans have the pateince and attention span of an ant. If it takes longer than 30 seconds we're not happy campers. Well too friggin' bad. Deal with it America. If we don't wage this war now, it will bite us in the ass much sooner than later. Most military experts actually expect a nuclear attack on the US to happen, but my thoughts are if we continue this war and start to enforce our borders we can delay what the experts believe to be inevitable. Hopefully delay it forever, but that requires a lot of dead terrorists. America better suck it up and deal with that.