Thursday, December 30, 2004

The southeast Asia tragedy worsens

The death toll is now up to 120, 000 and will probably only continue to rise since there are still thousands missing and those who are left behind will have to fight off disease as well as contaminated food and drinking water. People in 13 different countries have in one way or another been affected by the tsunamis according to House of Wheels and just as I posted the day after the tsunamis, Tim Blair still has the most complete round up.

Americans once again prove themselves to be the most generous people on earth raising more money from charitable donations than the French government gave altogether (via House of Wheels). This, of course, is contrary to the opinion of pointless UN bureaucrat Jan Egeland (actual title: coordinator of humanitarian affairs, actual definition: pointless bureaucrat) who believes that the $15 million that the US government plans to donate is "stingy." Here's an update for you Jan, we pay most of your salary on top of that through "donation." We certainly never expect to get any of that back, and more often than not you UN imbeciles like to bite the hand that feeds you. You're idiotic statements just prove my point. House of Wheels has the links and breaks down the stats in nice neat graphs (far more advanced blogging than I'm capable of), so go check it out.

And for those who haven't please donate what you can. Se any of the sites above for links. This tragedy is still unfolding; we can expect to hear more bad news in the weeks to come.