Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Iranian media blames "authorities" for military plane crash

This is an interesting twist. Iranian authorities were blaming the US, but some of their own citizens seem to think that despite US sanctions, perhaps the Iranian government is to blame instead.

The authorities in Iran are facing bitter criticism over Tuesday's crash of an ageing military transport plane that killed about 110 people.

Reports say the plane had experienced technical problems all morning, causing the take-off to be delayed for hours.

Iranian media also say the pilot had asked twice to return to Mehrabad airport to make an emergency landing, but was refused because it was busy.

Military officials have strongly denied any suggestion of negligence.

On Wednesday, Tehran's prosecutor said that a court nearby the airport would investigate the crash.

"We have given the airport court the task of following up this subject, so that, if anyone is to blame in this connection, they can be identified," Said Mortazavi said.

"If people who should have performed their legal duties committed any negligence, it will be investigated and the result will be made public after the initial stages."

There's a lot of blame that gets slung around after tragedies like these, but the US deserves none of it.