Thursday, December 29, 2005

The latest catch and release program

I sort of alluded to the point in a previous post, and I actually think it might be a good idea... as long as we get those devices in deep... somewhere they can't remove them from.

BERLIN, Dec. 28 (Reuters) - Known Islamic militants should be electronically tagged so their movements could be tracked, a regional German interior minister proposed Wednesday.

"This would allow us to monitor the roughly 3,000 Islamists who are prone to violence, hate-preachers and fighters trained in terrorist camps," the Lower Saxony interior minister, Uwe Schünemann, said in an interview with the newspaper Die Welt.

Mr. Schünemann said electronic tagging was a viable alternative to holding the militants in protective custody, as suggested by the former German interior minister, Otto Schily. Mr. Schünemann was quoted as saying that his proposal would not be against Germany's Constitution.

"It's practical for all Islamists who are prone to violence and who we can't expel to their home countries because they could be tortured," Mr. Schünemann said. Germany's federal and state governments share responsibility for security services.

I wonder... If the NSA was tagging terrorists on a catch and release program with the CIA, it might solve that whole wiretaps issue. But we do something similar with pets in the pound these days too. PETA might sue claiming defamation of the dog's character by treating them the same as a terrorist.