Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sweet! Something else to do at work besides... well, working

Thanks to the other Cake or Death for tagging me for the quirks meme. No really... thanks. So apparently I'm supposed to display for the world to critique my 5 biggest personality quirks.

1) I have a small tendency of not liking to admit that I'm wrong. Call me self-righteous, call me perfect. Admitting I'm wrong is not something I do well, and it drives the fetching Mrs. Wookie "nucking futs." This includes for some reason punctuation. I do pride myself there. I had those rules drilled into my head in high school and have never forgotten them. I'm sure I've screwed that up a bunch of times on my blog (yet another reason not to post in haste), but I do have a tendency to be overly critical of others' punctuation mistakes. Not one of my better qualities, but I think I've gotten a little better since I've gotten the opportunity to vent my "always being right" nature on the blogosphere now for over a year. Sure, no one pays any attention to my humble little blog, but I can pretend that they do...

2) I also have been known to be a walking encyclopedia of music lyrics. Not that I'll find a music quote for every situation; it's more like if I hear the song I can sing the lyrics right along with the singer (and I can fake like I know the words pretty well too). My brother-in-law used to do this game with his teenage kids where they'd hit scan on the radio dial in the car and go around the car and we each had to sing the lyrics to whatever song came on. I won that on many occasions (except for the times I had got stuck trying to sing with the Mexican music stations. I still think letting those count was a crap rule).

3) I wasn't sure if this is a quirk or uncanny ability or both, but I can always seem to understand what my mother and wife are talking about. Let me explain, no there is no time, let me sum up... they both seem to have trouble finding the words to express what they're thinking, usually a specific person, place or thing. For example, my mother was trying to think of a person and said, "You know the guy, in the jeans, who sings that song." I say, "Billy Ray Cyrus," and she goes, "YES!" And now the fetching Mrs. Wookie has begun to talk this way as well. That I understand them is very frightening... help me.

4) I've got a snide, sarcastic, and funny comment for just about anything and I'm not afraid to let people hear it... Yet another quality that drives the fetching Mrs. Wookie crazy. It's led to me being told to sleep on the couch several times, but due to my pigheaded stubbornness and insisting that I'm always right (see quirk #1) my wife usually gives up, and since I won't leave the bed, she goes to sleep on the couch herself. Either that or if by some miracle I do go to sleep on the couch, I wait 30 minutes until my wife falls asleep, and then sneak back in bed. She sleeps in a state somewhere between coma and dead, so this always works until she wakes up in the morning and I wind up with a glass on water poured on my head.

5) I hate giving away the ending to movies that I've seen. I'll go so far as to make something off the wall up just to throw people off the right path. These tall tales usually end with everybody dying for some reason...
Someone: "So what happens with Spiderman and the subway train? I can't look! Does he save the people?!"
Me: "Nope."
Someone: "No?!"
Me: "Yeah, Doc Oc tears Spidey's arms off, crushes his head, and then the train goes off the tracks when it runs over his body and everybody dies."
Someone: "&*$#! you"

Well that's me. Hope those work as quirks... I'm sure the fetching Mrs. Wookie could have come up with much better quirks, because when I got the meme, I could instantly think of hers. Mine took me a little longer. Now I nominate (not like anyone is paying any attention to me, but I'll nominate anyway):
Army Lawyer
House of Wheels
Jason Coleman