Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hezbollah tells Bush to shut up

Terrorist propaganda at work.

In Beirut, Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah urged Muslims worldwide to keep demonstrating until there is an apology over the drawings and Europe passes laws forbidding insults to the prophet.

The head of the guerrilla group, which is backed by Iran and Syria, spoke before a mass Ashoura procession. Whipping up the crowds on the most solemn day for Shiites worldwide, Nasrallah declared:

"Defending the prophet should continue all over the world. Let Condoleezza Rice and Bush and all the tyrants shut up. We are an Islamic nation that cannot tolerate, be silent or be lax when they insult our prophet and sanctities."

Not that they'd let any of their brainwashed fanatics know it, but Denmark already apologized for the cartoons and I quote, "We are sorry for any offence caused by the drawings, but we cannot apologise for freedom of expression."

So Sheik Hassan Nasrallah ... neener, neener, neeeener. Afraid that if you let your lemmings think for themselves they'll abandon you and your cult of death and murder?