Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saddam on hunger strike to protest court proceedings

The rest of the world responds with, "Kill yourself. We've been trying to do it for ages."

LATimes -- Three defendants, Hussein, his half-brother Barzan Ibrahim Hasan and former judicial chief Awad Hamed Bandar said they were on a hunger strike.

Juhi, speaking to reporters after the court adjourned, declined to confirm or deny whether any defendants were refusing to eat. But he pointed out that Hasan had brought bottled water with him into the courtroom.

Defendants have been using the trial as a stage for political antics, and today was no exception. Toward the end of the session, Hussein lambasted the "Americans and Zionists" and, in a segment that was edited, the version broadcast to viewers with a 20-minute delay urged Iraqis to fight the "occupier."

Then in a week he gets really hungry and passes out, and when he comes to he blames his lack of food on a Zionist conspiracy, blaming occupying forces for blocking critical aid and supplies necessary for his survival.

That's what happens when you keep a man from his Cheetos. He gets all loopy...