Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bush continues to rally support for the war

This is the exact kind of thing Bush needs to continue to do. Get out in public, openly discuss the war, Q&A with the public, and generally be his normal funny, charming self. It puts most Americans at ease (at least those who don't suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome).

WHEELING, W.Va. – Whether he's before a friendly West Virginia audience, a Cleveland club proud of its interrogation skills or a White House news conference, President Bush is drawing on his plainspoken manner in freewheeling venues to defend his Iraq strategy.
Alternately serious and joking, charming and disarming in this war anniversary week, Bush is trying to counter election-year critics and reverse an approval ratings slide.

In Wheeling on Wednesday, the fifth day in a row Bush devoted his remarks to Iraq, the president bantered with the locals, his shoulders bouncing up and down as they do when he's pleased with his own jokes. Then he brought down the house with his trademark I-won't-back-down pledge.

And then he gets to chat with someone you might think is your nextdoor neighbor. Unless your a liberal. Cause when she talks about praying to God, a military husband, and the liberal bias in the MSM she lose 'em real quick (via Expose the Left)

And right before her, is a man who thanks God everyday that Dubya is the president for this war on terror.

Amen to that, my friend. Amen.

UPDATE: You hear that? Bush likes blogs... Go Dubya!