Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Since Iraq is on everyone's mind today...

... especially since the president has been out travelling, speaking, and doing Q&A's with the press and the American people. In that vein, Walid Phares at FDD has 7 results of the war in Iraq. Some are obvious, and some are really worth talking about.

With Lebanon slowly emerging from decades of Syrian occupation, a new balance of power is in the making in that small but strategic country: Hizbollah is not the sole power anymore. With the Syrian forces out, the Iran-dominated terror organization has to keep an eye on its rear-guard pressed by the one million marchers of the Cedars Revolution. Thus, without the change in Iraq, that revolution wasn’t expected to happen soon, or even to happen at all bloodlessly. The weight of US presence in Iraq, freed the energies of another civil society in the region: Lebanon

Freedom can really spread like wildfire. Dr. Phares also mentions Iraq as a future GWOT ally, how the Iraq war helped force Syria to leave Lebanon, how the French have come more into the fold, freedom surrounding and pressuring Iran, Gaddafi gave up his nukes, and the generally improved human rights in the region.

But the Sheehan, anti-war left would have you ignore all that... the war was based on lies since Saddam wasn't found hiding amid his billions of WMDs, nothing good will come of it since it's uncontrollably spiralling into civil war, and the government hasn't been solidified 3 months post-elections.

Rome wasn't built in a day people. And I'm pretty sure it took longer than 3 years too...