Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why is the MSM stuck on stupid?

I know, I know... It's one of those questions like why is the sky blue, or why does Jack Bauer kick so much ass. It just is.

Still you'd think they'd have enough common sense to realize that headlines like "Bush: Troops will remain in Iraq for years" or "No end in sight to Iraq war, Bush admits" really make them sound pretty stupid. My response to crap like that in general is "Gee... Ya' think? Morons."

It's like saying after WWII, troops will be in Germany for years after the war is done. Wow. That's brilliant. How many of you reporters did it take to figure that one out. Maybe, just maybe, it's because we've got a military base there. I could be nuts, but to me that suggests years, nay decades, of presence in the country. I'm gonna bet that we set up a base in Iraq similar to our base in Saudi Arabia. That kind of implies that troops will be in Iraq for years. Iraq will be a strong ally in the GWOT for years especially since their survival as a democracy is so closely tied to success in the GWOT. A US military base there makes sense. They'll be back up for Iraqi forces and a jumping off point for other operations in the region.

The key point is how many troops will remain and for how long. We're still on schedule to have a major troop reduction in Iraq within a year. It's not like we're going to have 130,000 troops there permanently, and as Iraqi forces to continue replacing the coalition forces, our forces will slowly be drawn down. And those Iraqi forces are becoming increasingly capable and confident.

It's not rocket science, guys. You just continue to expose your biases with headlines likes these...