Monday, March 06, 2006

Bush "fooled by a googly" and liberals everywhere cry out "Duh"

Even so it's kinda funny... That and the cricket pitcher guy beaned Bush (I can hear the Kos Kidz wishing that they'd been throwing bowling balls at him).

The first throw from the young bowler resulted in what would be a weak line drive to right field in baseball.

"Very good for a first time," a coach said.

The next bowl hit Bush in the shoulder. Calling again on baseball cliches, Bush jokingly glared at the bowler as if angry.

There was little chance of injury. Instead of a regulation cricket ball, which is hard, a tennis ball was used.

The next ball hurled in Bush's direction produced what would be a foul ball in baseball.

Undeterred, he yelled to the bowler: "Put something on that thing."

Two more bowls, two solid hits. And with that, Bush decided to try his hand at bowling.

The straight-elbow style required in cricket, and foreign to most Americans, proved tricky for Bush, who lobbed a few balls.

With that, his 10-minute cricket career came to an end. After a round of photos with the kids, Bush handed out baseballs with his signature on them.

Later Saturday, at a state dinner that ended the trip, Bush showed he had picked up some cricket lingo, if not the skills.

"I was fooled by a googly," he said, referring to a deceptively bowled ball, "otherwise I would have been a better batsman."

According to a BBC description, a googly, bowled properly, "is almost undetectable."

"A googly, or a 'wrong 'un,' is a delivery which looks like a normal leg spinner but actually breaks towards the batsman, like an off break, rather than away from the bat," the BBC sort of explains.

And no one with any sense knows what the hell any of that means, googlies and wickets and all that nonsense. There's no good reason why a sport should take days and allow breaks for tea.