Friday, April 07, 2006

As if Scientology wasn’t enough, South Park takes on Mohammed and The Family Guy

I guess that Peabody’s really gone to their head…

So South Park is plunged into chaos as it is revealed that The Family Guy will air a show depicting the prophet Mohammed. Muslims clerics issue a statement:

We are so super pissed off at The Family Guy. Family Guy isn’t even that funny of a show. A jihad on The Family Guy and The Family Guy nation.

The kids are put through sensitivity training to explain what has caused this anger in Muslims… Basically it’s because they can’t have sex (including masturbation) and they live in the sand. So as the threats mount from the sexually frustrated sand people, Fox caves at the last minute and censors a scene of Peter sharing a cup of tea with Mohammed. It was totally innocuous but censored anyway and the town returns to normal… or what passes for normalcy in South Park.

Then a statement is issued that there’s a sequel to the episode and the show’s writers are demanding it be aired unedited. Panic ensues again, and pissed off Muslims release another statement:

Seriously, The Family Guy isn’t even that well written. The jokes are all interchangeable and usually irrelevant to the plot. When this episode airs our retaliation will be MASSIVE!!!

To demonstrate that they hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and don’t watch The Family Guy, Americans resolve to do the only thing they can… they all bury their heads in the sand. Cartman convinces Kyle to go on a mission to pressure Fox into pulling the episode, and on the way there (after a killer high speed chase on big wheels), Cartman lets it slip that he’s only doing it because he hates The Family Guy. He doesn’t give a crap about Muslims.

And the episode ends on the brink of the Mohammed cartoon sequel and the total destruction of civilization as we know it!!

These guys are geniuses…

UPDATE: Jawa Report has a shot of the edited Mohammed with Peter and a link to the main scene from the show.