Friday, April 14, 2006

Contact Comedy Central. Tell them to air the episode unedited.

You can submit comments via their website. Here's my complaint letter...

I can't believe Comedy Central didn't have the guts to air a 5 second image of Muhammed that was part of the South Park episode that aired Wednesday night. Freedom of speech means just that. It means nothing is sacred. You will hide behind your right to freedom of speech when it comes to the images that South Park episode contained of people defecating on Jesus and the American flag, but when it came to a simple image of Muhammed handing a helmet to Peter in their representation of a Family Guy episode, all of a sudden freedom of speech meant speaking responsibly. I'm sure you've gotten complaints about content on other programming. You have the right to air your opinions, ideas, and images, just as viewers have the right to write, voice, or publish complaints about what you air. They can even boycott your sponsors,and better yet, those viewers can change the channel. But I'm sure that's never stopped you before.

Air the episode. Don't cave in to religious pressures or terrorism.

I'm trying to contact South Park Studios to see if they can give me any other contact info for Comedy Central that I can forward complaints to...

UPDATE @ 9:15am 4/17: See Comedy Central's reply to this complaint.