Thursday, April 13, 2006

How much does the AP collaborate with terrorists?

Michelle Malkin has what looks to be an exclusive. AP photographer Bilal Hussein has a photographic history of terrorist activities that appears to be much more than getting good anonymous tips. He has fearless and total access to their planning and execution, and it looks like it's gotten him in hot water.

This afternoon, in response to a tip from an anonymous military source in Iraq, I contacted both the AP reporter embedded with the Marines in Ramadi, Todd Pitman, as well as AP's media relations office headquartered in New York concerning Hussein's whereabouts. No word from Pitman. But at 6:20pm EDT, I received the following e-mail response from AP:

We are looking into reports that Mr. Hussein was detained by the U.S. military in Iraq but have no further details at this time.

Jack Stokes
The Associated Press
Corporate Communications
According to my tipster, Hussein was captured earlier today by American forces in a building in Ramadi, Iraq, with a cache of weapons.

Here's Hussein's Pulitzer Winning Photograph. Terrorists execute election workers in broad daylight on Haifa Street in the middle of Baghdad back in November 2004.

And much of the rest his work is awful cozy with the terrorists...