Monday, April 17, 2006

I was curious who would pick up the tab on the Palestinian government...

... after the US and EU decided they didn't want to fund a terrorist organization that managed to gain control over the government.

DOHA, Qatar Apr 17, 2006 (AP)— Qatar said Monday it would give the Palestinian government $50 million in aid to help make up for a shortfall after the United States and the European Union cut off funding.

The official Qatar News Agency said the funds were offered to "bolster the budget of the Palestinian authority based on the decision of the Arab summit held in Khartoum" in March.

On Sunday, Iran said it was sending the same amount of money to the Palestinians to help fund the Hamas-led government.

The United States and the European Union have cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority following Hamas' victory in legislative elections in January, demanding the group renounce violence and recognize Israel.

Qatar and Iran. I can only hope this steps up the pressure to hammer Iran with pressure and sanctions. They've quickly taken the lead as the most destabilizing force in the region.