Monday, April 03, 2006

The Kurds are our biggest allies in the batlle with Iran

It's nice to know we're not the only ones who are actively trying to bring freedom to Iran.

The Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan, better known by the local acronym PEJAK or PJAK, claims to have killed 24 Iranian soldiers in three raids against army bases last month, all staged in retaliation for the killing of 10 Iranian Kurds during a peaceful demonstration in the city of Maku.

Three more soldiers from Iran's elite Republican Guard were killed last week in a gunbattle near the Iraqi border, Iran's official news agency reported.

But the greater threat to the Tehran regime may come from the group's underground effort to promote a sense of identity among Iranian Kurds, who make up 7 percent of that country's population. PEJAK leaders say the effort is spreading quickly among students, intellectuals and businessmen.

"The Iranian government's plan to create a global Islamic state is destroying our people's culture and values," said Akif Zagros, 28, a graduate in Persian literature who was interviewed in a simple stone hut at the group's headquarters. "So we fight back. But our aim is not just to bring freedom to Kurds, but to liberate all the peoples of Iran."

PEJAK loves discussing freedom, human rights, and even ecology in Iran and the undeniable future of Iran. On top of that they're a secular group as well, no radical Islam espoused by this group. Iran, of course, has labelled PEJAK as a terrorist group and accused the US of funding them. Well if we're not funding them we should... these are true "minutemen" in the Middle East, not the terrorists that Michael Moore believes are freedom fighters.

Maybe this will be the beginning of something big in Iran and hopefully the US funds them as much as we can.