Monday, April 17, 2006

Suicide bombers are legitimate form of self-defense according to Palestinian government

That is certainly a clarification of Hamas' priorities and clearly explains why the US and EU stopped all aid to Palestine. (via Ace)

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said on Monday that the Tel Aviv attack was part of the Palestinians' right of self-defense.

"Resisting Israeli aggression was rightful as long as it continues," Abu Zuhri said.

"The occupation seized money of the Palestinian people and urged the world not to assist the Palestinians, so this attack took place before those who agree with this aggressive attitude," he said.

At least six Israelis were killed and 30 others wounded, with some in serious condition, as a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up near an old bus station in the center of Tel Aviv.

Abu Zuhri was echoed by Wasfi Kabha, minister of Prisoners' Affairs in the Hamas-led cabinet.

Kabha told reporters that the attack came "in the framework of legitimate right for resistance against Israeli violations and crimes."

I'm really rather astonished that they came right out and said it, although I really shouldn't be surprised. It's like Palestinians have been blowing themselves up at pizzerias, malls, and markets to kill innocent men, women, and children for so long they don't know anything else. The Israelis, on the other hand, do precision missile strikes and raids to capture or assassinate Hamas leaders and minimize civilian casualties. Pretty humane for a nation surrounded by tens of millions of people who hate them and dozens of nations who would follow Iran's lead in exterminating Israel from the map.