Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weekly fantasy baseball update

In the bloggers league, The Hot Wing Conspiracy, I once again came away victorious! And this week's win puts me at the top of the standings. Number 1 overall, but only a slim 1 game lead over Poca Dots.

GOP and the City is hosting this weeks review, and here's his take on last weeks round up...

CZC Owns - 4
Wookies Will Win - 8

pitching - CZC beat up on a weak WWW pitching staff, winning 4 of 6 - even with Jeff Weaver and his 30.86 ERA last week.
batting - If Carlos Delgado had not struck out 8 times last week, WWW might have won every batting category.
MVP - Jermaine Dye (4 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, .318 BA)
I wouldn't say my pitchers got beat up, just unlucky. I mean, how often will Schilling start twice in a week and not get one win? I was pretty impressed with my offensive stats though... a mediocre batting average of .261, but power stats through the roof. The Man could easily have named Pujols the MVP who had the same stats as Dye but scored 4 more runs and beat his average by 60 points, but Pujols can't be the MVP every week, so Dye, it's all yours baby. Good work.

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In my other league with my family, The Dorks, I extended my lead at the top of the standings to 4.5 games with a powerful performance winning 7 to 3. I had average offensive stats taking only the runs and batting average categories, but I dominated on the pitching side sweeping all five categories. I'll give the MVP in this one to my relievers. Billy Wagner, Tom Gordon, and Jason Isringhausen, combined for 1 win, 6 saves, and 12 K's while keeping the WHIP and ERA nice and low. Excellent work guys!

UPDATE: GOP and College has his own take on the week's roundup as well.