Monday, June 05, 2006

Canadian authorities arrest 17, foil an "imminent threat"

The terrorist group had acumulated 3 tons of ammonium nitrate to mix with fuel as their weapon of choice. FYI: The Oklahoma City bombing used 1 ton to demolish the government building and kill 168 people.

TORONTO (Reuters) - High-profile sites such as the Peace Tower in Canada's Parliament and Toronto's CN Tower complex were among targets identified by a group of home-grown terror suspects arrested at the weekend, Canadian media said on Monday.

Canada's spy agency said the anti-terror sweep meant there was no longer an "imminent threat." But police said they could not rule out further arrests in what is already Canada's largest counter-terrorism operation.

The group -- 17 people have been arrested so far -- had the "intent and capability" to launch attacks, Mike McDonell, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told CBC Radio on Monday.

"There is a chance we could be arresting more people. We are following up every lead to the nth degree, and any person that has aided, facilitated or participated in this threat will be arrested."

That this happened in Canada is interesting, because Canada isn't exactly the biggest fan of the GWOT or US foreign policy in general, yet these extremists were going to blow up Canadian facilities. This only serves to prove that all "Western countries" are at risk; from Australia to North America to Europe. Any free nation, or in the eyes of the Islamofascists, any nation that doesn't adhere to Islam's strict moral code (you know... doesn't demand people practice Islam, allows people the choice to indulge their vices or not, and let's women drive a car, go to school, and vote) is considered to be part of the Great Satan.

This morning, Dennis Prager quoted from an article where the Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair said those who were arrested are motivated by politics and violence not faith. Riiiight..... I thought most scream "Allah Akbar" when they kill people. In fact this past weekend, Iraqi terrorists killed 21 students in the name of Allah.

The dramatic attack came a day after masked gunmen stopped two minivans carrying students north of Baghdad, ordered the passengers off, separated Shiites from Sunni Arabs, and killed the 21 Shiites "in the name of Islam," a witness said.

Haqi Ismail, a 48-year-old electrician, told The Associated Press that the attackers ordered the Shiites to lie down, and before they opened fire, one shouted, "On behalf of Islam, today we will dig a mass grave for you. You are traitors."

I don't know about you, but that kind of statement doesn't sound like politics in action...