Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation pics... just to make you jealous

We had an absolutely fabulous time, as I alluded to yesterday with my quick "we made it back alive" post.

We actually started the vacation in Montego Bay, but when we arrived at the hotel after flying from San Diego to Jamaica via Washington DC (don't even ask how that happened) we were totally disappointed. Musty smelling rooms, bathrooms falling apart, poor facilities... just not good. So we transferred to another resort in the chain on the other side of the island in Trelawny. It was perfect.

There were tons of activities around the resort, and I owned the pool volleyball. We went horseback riding in the ocean, paddle boat riding, golfing, I drank ALOT, and ate enough for 3 people.

We met some incredible people; people we'd actually like to keep in contact with. From activities coordinators to guests to people at the resort were phenominal. Outside the resort you're reminded that there's a large part of the island that's still 3rd world... people doing whatever they can for an American dollar. One US dollar is 65 Jamaican dollars, so it goes a long way especially from the casual tourist willing to throw their money away.

So here's a few pics from the beautiful island of Jamaica....

Not too shabby....