Monday, August 14, 2006

Mulsim charity helped fund UK bombing attempt

If you had any doubts about the allegiance these groups have, this ought to clear that up...

Investigators are already looking at one UK-based charity, called the Muslim Charity, that allegedly has sent large sums of money to three individuals in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, under the guise of quake relief but for the actual purpose of funding the alleged UK plane bombing plot, according to official sources.

The new charity, which has been under surveillance for several months, is also said to have provided funds to individuals in Quetta last year.

So you've got to wonder who these charities and rights organizations really support and figght for... I won't hold my breath waiting for an answer from CAIR though.

UPDATE @ 11:05am: I took a second to check out the charity's website, and not surprisingly it's full of propaganda... Palestinian children being slaughtered, a message from the al-Aqsa Imam, please send money to fund schools (I imagine they're akin to the Saudi schools with antisemitism right in the textbooks), etc.

About what I expected...

UPDATE @ 3:37pm: Hot Air's latest Vent takes on the Mulsims action groups as well.

Watch the video... It's amazing what people will brainwash their kids with, even here in America...