Friday, August 11, 2006

Brian WIlliams is a total idiot

I don't think I've ever really been this enraged over a reporters complete lack of a brain as I have been after hearing this exchange between Chris Matthews and Brian Williams on hardball. Thanks to Jed Babbin who's been filling in for Hugh this week for pointing it out.

Here's the dialogue...

MATTHEWS: You know, in our first edition of HARDBALL tonight, we had a senator on, former Senator John Edwards on, who said that once these people in the east and the Islamic world get to know us personally, understand our good character, as he said, they wouldn‘t hate us so much, they wouldn‘t want to commit suicide to hurt us. But here we have maybe 25, 24 people who have lived in London and England and the free world for all these years, that become citizens, subjects of the crown, and, yet, after having gotten to know us, they want to kill themselves to hurt us. Isn‘t that an even deeper conundrum here than the chemicals being used in these attacks?

WILLIAMS: And that, Chris, that last aspect, the willingness to take one‘s own life, I always tell people, you know, there are guys on our team like that, too. They‘re called Army Rangers and Navy Seals and the special forces folks and the first responders on 9/11 who went into those buildings knowing, by the way, they weren‘t going to come out. So we have players like that on our team. But to the center of your question, it goes to etiology. Can you reverse the clock here. We now know this is the conflict of our generation. Who would have thought it would take this shape? Who would have thought it would be against an enemy we can‘t always see, and who would have thought the new target would be a stainless steel tube flying, as you put it, at 39,000 feet, full of innocent people.

MATTHEWS: Frightening stuff. Thank you very much for this report from Heathrow Airport in London, Brian Williams.


Someone please tell me that Brian Williams did not just say our Navy Seals are like their terrorists. I don't see how the fact that our military and the terrorists are 180 degree opposites could have possibly escaped the man!

Let's break this down for no-brain Brian... Terrorism is defined by Merriam-Webster as the systematic use of terror (violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands) especially as a means of coercion. Navy Seals, Army Rangers, special forces, and the emergency responders in New York on 9/11 weren't terrorizing anyone (no matter how many times John Kerry claims they were), they were rescuing people, protecting people, and the spec ops guys are specifically trained in counter-terrorism (to me counter would mean "anti" or possibly the opposite of terrorism, but that's just me). These men are sacrificing their lives for other people's safety and security, not blowing themselves up to inflict maximum casualties. Maybe it's just me but that seems a far cry from beheading bound and gagged prisoners, car bombing mosques, and planning attacks on innocent civilians. Not even the dolts that were convicted after abu Ghraib did that.

Some might say I'm quibbling over semantics... Well if you can't tell the difference between terrorize, intimidate, or destructive and protect or rescue then you certainly don't deserve to be an anchor on a national news network, you deserve to go back to Kindergarten.

Memo to no-brain Brian... take your head out of your ass next time you decide to try to think up some cute little analogy.

Ooh, even better. Let's see if we can arrange for you to deliver that short paragraph to some of our servicemen and women in Pendleton. Something tells me you might not get the pat on the back from them the way you did from Chris Matthews. In fact you'll probably need a 5 minute headstart just to get your dumbass off the base...