Thursday, August 31, 2006

UN condemns Israel's use of weapons

Aah, the UN, that emminent association of morality that negotiates with terrorists as if they were countries, puts human rights abusers on the Human Rights Council, and ignores horrific abuses around the world unless it can turn a profit (see Oil for Food). Well, they're at it again. Now Israel's has been condemned for waging war up until the ceasefire. Maybe my definition of ceasefire is wrong, but don't you stop waging war after a ceasefire, not before?

The UN has accused the IAF of using cluster bomblets, which have the explosive force to destroy armored vehicles, and are packed into bombs dropped from aircrafts or into artillery shells.

[...] The UN humanitarian chief, Jan Egeland, said Wednesday that a large portion of the bombs dropped on Lebanon had failed to explode on impact and were continuing to maim and kill civilians every day.

He said he was particularly disturbed that Israel had used the bombs even as the August 14 cease-fire loomed.

So looming ceasefire means stop? I don't get it... Nevermind that clusterbombs are perfectly legal, internationally used munitions. There are no international laws banning their use.

And what about condemnation for Leba-Hezbollahnan? Perhaps Jan Egeland missed the whole prelude to the war, that Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Oh, and maybe Jan Egeland missed the news stories where Hezbollah was bombing civilian cites in Israeli cities. And perhaps Jan Egeland forgot the Hezbollah IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!!!

Jan... Get your head out of your ass...