Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Senate looks to vote to "legalize" Terrorist Surveillance Program

Of course it's already legal, but still, I like it... put a bill critical to our national security in front of the Democrats up for reelection and see what happens.

WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans blocked Democratic attempts to rein in President Bush's domestic wiretapping program today, endorsing a White House-supported bill that would give the controversial surveillance legal status.

[...] The developments come amid a sustained White House campaign to persuade Congress to give the administration broad authority to monitor, interrogate and prosecute terrorism suspects. The administration is up against an election season in which Republicans are struggling to keep its majority with approval from a war-weary electorate.

The LATimes of course takes the negative spin and says Republicans up for reelection won't support a bill that's got Bush's stamp of approval on it.

Poppycock. Every poll and survey taken shows Americans overwhelmingly in favor of the NSA wiretaps because, duh, they're spying on suspected terrorists not soccer moms.

And so far the bill's made it through to this point without being ammended. Republicans have managed to shoot down all the Democrats proposed ammendments; that really sounds like a party afraid of Bush's stamp on anything...