Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Fantasy Football: Week 3 recap

We've made it through 3 weeks of football and Sunday was an eventful day full of football fun! Hasselback and Brunnell decided to play this week, Favre is the best 82 year old QB in the league, Simms ruptured his spleen, and Shaun Alexander has a broken foot.

But more important than all that are the fantasy football scores from the weekend! So let's see who the big winners were...

Gumbo - 70
Gridiron Wookies - 59

I had my concerns going into this week since my starting QB Bledsoe had the week off so I had to start Byron "I can't throw the ball" Leftwich. And despite Gumbo leaving 2 inactive players (Trent Green and Sebastian Janikowski) in his starting lineup I still lost. That hurts...
MVP: Jevon Walker and Clinton Portis scored 2 TDs apiece carrying Gumbo to victory
Dud: The Gumbo coaching staff... for starting 2 players with byes this week.

Fmragtops' spewers - 50
Robots Eat Babies - 72
FM outscored his projected point total for the weekend, but it still wasn't enough to take down the Robots who got big points from Peyton and Houshmandzadeh. People please keep the cheese grater away from fm... for his own safety.
MVP: TJ Houshmandzedah caught 2 TDs in Cincy's big win over Pittsburgh
Dud: Sinorice Moss and Chris Brown put up big, fat, goose eggs for fm.

Hot Wing Chump-ion - 45
bRight & Early - 78

bRight had the right guys in at the right time. Hasselback threw 5 TDs against a hapless Giant defense and Brian Westbrook ran all over San Francisco including 2 TDs. The Chumps did alright, beating they're projected point total of 35, but it wasn't enough to make this much of a game.
MVP: Matt Hasselback 5 TDs. Wow.
Dud: Yahoo says Mike Bell had menstrual cramps last week, so he didn't get any PT which meant zero points for the Chumps.

San Jose Arrowheads - 100
I Hate Hillary - 60

The Arrowheads look like they could be the team to beat. Brett Favre is playing like a man half his age, but he's down one star RB, Shaun Alexander. Hillary Haters would have gotten wins against 10 other teams this week... They just got a bad draw. Who makes up these schedules anyway?
MVP: Brett Favre destroyed Detroit with 340 yards and 3 TDs. Looks like he's found the fountain off youth or something...
Dud: Fran Gore for 4reasons: He plays for San Fran, 50 yards, rushing, a fumble, and, oh yeah, he plays for San Fran.

Rose Hill Red Dogs - 33
RFTR - 20

Not a whole lot of excitement in this matchup. In fact they owe the fans their money back for this one... Neither team came close to their projected point totals. The Dogs managed to pull this one out thanks to Pittsburgh's defense, and since Pitt lost I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing.
MVP: Cadillac Williams got TB their 2nd TD of the game, and of the season.
Dud: Big Ben Rothlisberger with a whopping -8 points. Guess that appendectomy and motorcycle accident aren't helping Ben...

The Columbia Crunch - 48
webcats - 20

Another barn-burner here... I don't think either team wanted this win since between them they started 3 players with byes this week. In this one Columbia's remaining starters outperformed the Webcats remaining starters. That and he had more people actually playing this week...
MVP: Keyshaun Johnson took a break from his whining to score 2 TDs.
Dud: Dante Culpepper posted his 2nd negative point total of the year.

The Ball Sackers - 54
Mr. Wolf Cleaning Svc - 37

The BallSacks improved to 3-0 beating Mr. Wolf's "I talk fast because I work fast. So pretty please with sugar on top, clean the f'n car" Cleaning Service. This one was just a case of Wolf's guys not showing up for the game. 4 players had zero points, and 2 players combined for 54% of Wolf scoring, one of which was the Ram's defense.
MVP: Kevin Jones got himself 81 yards rushing and a TD
Duds: Stallworth, Blaylock, Heiden, and Addai combined for a grand total of zero points. Ouch

Tax Dodgers - 41
Hector Vex O-Trons - 70

The Dodgers got bit be the "bye" bug this week too, starting 2 guys with bye weeks and that was all the Vex-o-thons needed. Hector got solid points from most of his roster to get himself his first win of the season.
MVP: Vex-o-thon rode John Kasay's golden foot to victory. 4 FGs all of which were 40+ yds. For those keeping score at home, that's 20 points. From a kicker.
Dud: Plaxico Burress caught a ball, fumbled a ball, and then found himself benched the rest of the game. That's a total of -1 points.

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