Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm thankful for Fantasy Football craziness at the Hot Wing Conspiracy!

It was another crazy week of football which included the NFL Network bastards televising a game that most of us regular people couldn't watch, a giant New York Giant meltdown, and Michael Vick losing momentary control of his middle finger after he lost the game... And on top of that, I was up for the pick 'em pot ($5 a week, just pick the winners) since I'd picked 14 of the 16 games correctly (including the Tennessee and Buffalo wins). It came down to points on last nights game... Who'd have thunk they'd score of 50 points in the snow...

Hope everyone's recovered from their Thanksgiving turkey, tryptophan induced comas because it's recap time!

Hot Wing Chump-ion - 52
Gridiron Wookies - 80

This one was all Tony Romo, all day long. In fact he was my only starter to score double figures in points. The Chumps point totals would have put them in contention most weeks, but what really killed them is not starting a second running back. 52 points with one less player is a valiant effort. This week however the Chumps were no match for the mighty Wookies! That's a 3 game win streak for the Wookies and sole possession of 3rd place.
MVP: Romo and his 5 Thanksgiving Day TDs!!
Dud: Travis Henry... 0 points? What happened?

The Columbia Crunch - 70
Robots Eat Babies - 47

The crunch continue to roll with another solid performance and 3 different starters in double digits. That keeps them in 2nd place in the league and clinches them a playoff spot. Robots have been let down the past couple weeks with lackluster point totals from their star QB, Peyton Manning. Sure he'll be in the hall of fame, but will he make the Hot Wing Conspiracy Fantasy Football playoffs?
MVP: Larry Johnson continues to crush opponets rushing for 157 and 1 TD
Dud: Robots just didn't get the production from any starter not playing for the Colts, but we'll give the Dud award here to Braylon Edwards for his hissy fit on the sidelines after Cleveland got shutout by Cincy.

The Ball Sackers - 45
bRight & Early - 67

bRight got Hasselback back from IR and got 3 other starters in double digits. The Ball Sack had three guys in double digits, but two with negative point totals. That was all bRight needed to take victory. It's a bad bit of luck for the Ball Sack... He lost McNabb last week, forcing him to start his back up Phillip Rivers, who'd been doing very well all year, until Sunday when he nearly lost to the Raiders...
MVP: Steven Jackson had nearly 200 all purpose yards and 1 TD
Dud: Rivers only passed for 133 yds, throwing one interception and getting sacked once.

Hector Vex-o-trons - 59
fmragtops' spewers - 60

FM may have given up, but his team didn't. Both guys had 3 players in double digits, and it came down to last nights game. Donald Driver came up big for Hector, but it just wasn't enough to overcome the spew. In fact fm got lucky because along with 3 players in double digits, he had 3 who scored a bit fat zero. It's a bold strategy, and it paid off for fm.
MVP: Devery Henderson. Hector must be scouring the waiver wire for wideouts cause I've never heard of this guy. He had a big week though, 158 yds and a TD.
Dud: Marvin Harrison scored zero points! I didn't think that was even possible!

Gumbo - 48
I Hate Hillary - 56

I Hate Hillary might hate the Seantor from New York, but he hates losing more, and broke his looooong losing streak against Gumbo. Both teams got some big totals from their running backs, but this one came down to Gumbo's 3 guys combining for a total of -1 points.
MVP: Deuce McAllister laid the smack down with 2 big TDs against Atlanta
Dud: Trent Green did his best Phillip Rivers impersonation with only 161 yds passing, 1 interception, and 1 sack for a grand total of -1 points.

Buck Turgidson 52
RFTR - 16

Whenever I see Buck Turgidson I can't help but think of the SNL celebrity jeopardy skits with Sean Connery who one time insisted on being referred to as Turd Ferguson. That aside, this was a battle between crummy quarterbacks, Roethlisberger vs. Grossman. Who could get sacked more? Who could throw more interceptions? Big Ben won...
MVP: Joseph Addai went nuts and scored 4 TDs
Dud: Big Ben. How's this for a stat line: sacked 9 times & 2 interceptions for a grand total of -20 points!

Tax Dodgers - 56
webcats - 74

How are the webcats not running away with the league? They've got a killer lineup led by none other than the #1 fantasy star, Ladanian Tomlinson, but they're only 6-6. Who'd have guessed? The Tax Dodgers must have blown their 1st round pick on Randy Moss. That alone deserves this weeks loss...
MVP: LT is going to smash the single season TD mark. He rushed for 2 more this week, and then decided to pass for one as well.
Dud: Corey Dillon got stuffed by the Bears. 0 points... that's gonna hurt.

San Jose Arrowheads - 57
Rose Hill Reddogs - 54

Another battle that came down to the Monday night game. The Dogs had Josh Brown kicking Seattle to victory, but Arrowehads had Alexander returning and the magic man Brett Favre. Favre went and threw 3 interceptions, but Alexander had 201 yards rushing and that was enough to seal the win for San Jose.
MVP: Vince Young brought Tennessee back from 21 points down to beat the Giants. Did you see that 4th and 10 play where he was sacked, got away, and rushed for 15 yards? Unbelievable!
Dud: Brett Favre. Sorry Brett... 3 ints, and -1 points will put you on the Dud list.

That's it for this week. There's only 2 weeks left in the Hot Wing regular season, then it's playoff time! Top 8 teams make the playoffs! So keep an eye on those lineups gentlemen... one player can make or break you!