Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prominent Lebanese, Christian, anti-Syrian politician assassinated

Syria had been seriously implicated in Hariri's death, what's to stop them (or Iran and their proxy Hezbollah for that matter) from taking out another independent voice in the Lebanese government, especially with their renewed interest in the regional power politics.

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Pierre Gemayel, scion of Lebanon's most prominent Christian family and a leading opponent of Syria, was gunned down Tuesday in a brazen daytime hit. The assassination threatened to intensify Lebanon's power struggle between the U.S.-allied government and the Syrian-backed Hezbollah.

Gemayel, 34, was leaving church when he fell into a well-coordinated attack: One vehicle cut off his car from the front, another rammed him from behind, then gunmen burst out and sprayed a dozen bullets into his passenger-side window.

The killing sent tensions spiraling at a time when Lebanon was already facing a worsening political crisis. The Shiite Muslim guerrilla group Hezbollah and its pro-Syrian allies have threatened massive protests — as early as Thursday — aimed at bringing down Prime Minister Fuad Saniora's government unless it gives them greater power.

It certainly looks like an assassination, and Hugh is calling it an attempted coup by Hezbollah when you also take this bit of news into account as well: that there was an attempted assassination of a second Lebanese cabinet member, Michel Pharaon, according to Belmont Club. Belmont reports that that would have been enough to topple the Cedar Revolution.

We'll have to watch the situation to see how this plays out.

Stay tuned for updates...

UPDATE @ 4:37pm: Hezbollah blames the assassination on Israel. Really... they do... Hot Air's got the video to prove it.

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