Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is the brain trust America elected...

America, you put these people in power and these are the kinds of ideas you can expect until 2008...

Key Democrats, including the incoming House speaker, House majority leader and chairmen of the House and Senate armed services committees, said they do not support a resumption of the draft. They predicted that the idea will gather little momentum in the 110th Congress, which convenes in January. Pentagon officials also restated their opposition to a draft.

Their comments came a day after Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.), who will chair the Ways and Means Committee, said he would again introduce a bill calling for a return to the draft, which has been suspended since 1973.

Rangel's previous bids to reinstate the draft stirred little interest in Congress but considerable agitation among some bloggers and talk radio hosts, who suggested the public was about to be blindsided. Yesterday, congressional leaders tried to allay such fears, saying the 2007-08 legislative agenda will not include a resumption of the draft.

The draft. Briliant idea Chuck.

So brilliant in fact that one of Kerry's lies about Bush in the '04 election was that Dubya'd reinstate the draft.

I guess not... Must only be the Democrats who think our professional armed forces aren't good enough to finish the job.

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