Thursday, December 14, 2006

Democratic Senator Tim Johnson in critical condition

Everyone's thoughts and prayers are with Johnson and his family.

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson is responding almost 24 hours after his emergency brain surgery.

Johnson is listed in critical but stable condition at George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C. His doctors say a mass of abnormal blood vessels entangled with arteries in the brain started to bleed.

Senator Johnson is responding to both voice and touch and at this time no further surgeries are required. I talked with his communications director this afternoon, by phone and she says Johnson's two and a half hour surgery late last night was a success.

No politics on this one. All signs so far point to his recovery which is good news. And I'm sure the Republicans and Democrats alike wish him a speedy recovery.

This does bring up an interesting governmental quandry... What happens in the unlikely event of his incapacitation?

Hugh Hewitt was just discussing the situation and mentioned that it's extremely unlikely that he'll reliquish his seat. There have been lots of old people in the Senate and there age and various conditions may have made daily attendance impossible, but thanks to the hard worrk of their staff, they were more than capable of active participation in governmental processes.

I'd love for Republicans to take control of the Senate, but not this way. Get well soon Senator Johnson...