Monday, March 19, 2007

Man started Esperanza fire for his dog

It's disgusting. 40,000 acres were burned, he destroyed 10 structures, and killed five firefighters and he did it to free his dog from a local pound.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Raymond Lee Oyler, who stands accused of setting the wildfire that killed five firefighters in October, is alleged by a relative to have said he wanted to set a mountain on fire as a diversion to break his family's pit bull out of a nearby pound, it was reported Thursday.

Investigative reports show that the claim was made by Oyler's cousin, Jill Frame, when she spoke to investigators probing the Esperanza fire, which burned 40,000 acres west of Palm Springs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The dog impounded by animal control officers was one of two Oyler family pit bulls that attacked a woman and her dog in early October, The Times reported.

Oh and he's accused of starting 10 other fires in the area in the three months before the Esperanza fire.

I hope they consider the death penalty.

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