Friday, April 13, 2007

Duke lacrosse players delcared innocent

Now all they've got to do is rebuilded their tattered lives, reconstruct their shredded reputations, and try to recoup some $5 million in legal costs. And they're not the only victims in this. There is this interesting little piece in the Charlotte Observer which notes that this may have unintended consequences: making it harder for true rape victims to come forward.

The three young former Duke lacrosse players who were accused must rebuild their lives. The university they attended must buff the tarnish left on its reputation. North Carolina's criminal justice system has to heal a painful black eye.

But there is also painful collateral damage.

Rape victims may find it harder than ever to report and press charges. Law enforcement and district attorneys may be more reluctant to investigate and prosecute. And when charges are leveled, victims and prosecutors could face juries that are more skeptical because of the scam in Durham.

[...] Why? Rape victims often face shame and blame. Sadly, the facts of the case in Durham -- an unstable victim, trumped-up charges, a district attorney who ignored inconsistencies and plunged ahead during a political campaign -- plays to wrong-headed public attitudes.

DA Nifong was disgusting throughout this entire scandal. He saw a black victim, upper class white perps, and a pot of gold at the end: re-election.


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