Friday, April 13, 2007

Rutgers women's basketball team accepts Don Imus' apology

Thank God. I was so worried.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Rutgers women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer said Friday the team had accepted radio host Don Imus' apology. She said he deserves a chance to move on but hopes the furor his racist and sexist insult caused will be a catalyst for change.

"We, the Rutgers University Scarlet Knight basketball team, accept — accept — Mr. Imus' apology, and we are in the process of forgiving," Stringer read from a team statement a day after the women met personally with Imus and his wife.

"We still find his statements to be unacceptable, and this is an experience that we will never forget," she said.

To be honest, until all this happened I'd never heard of Don Imus, and from what I've heard of his show in general, it sounds like its a bit on the crass side, but still he's still got free speech. Don't get me wrong... Imus should have apologized, and it was gracious of them to accept. And people who were pissed over his nappy head comment had every right to put pressure on his sponsors and press his employers to reprimand him. Hell I'd do the same to Rosie for her treacherous remarks. But the lynch mob that's formed over this mess didn't stop there, they wanted him fired, wanted publicly flogged, castrated, as well as the blood of his first born.

The problem however is that this still won't be the end of the issue. Will Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson or Al "Steve Pagones is a racist rapist" Sharpton ever be satisfied? The answer there is, of course, no. Imus is white so he can't make racial comments. Jackson and Sharpton are free to be as racist as they like. They are black after all. So to what extent must Imus excoriate himself to cleanse himself in the eyes of these two moral arbiters of all that is derogatory, racist, or insulting? He's lost his job. he's lost his reputation. Perhaps a scarlet letter is in order?

This is a lamer scenario then the Michael Richards mess and all the crap he took for his outburst in that comedy club. Richards at least used true racial slurs; Imus didn't even go that far, but he's still a racist, or bigot, or whatever other slander the well intention yet pitifully ill-informed Reverends wish to throw at him.

UPDATE @ 2:32pm: Cox & Forkum... On point as usual...

UPDATE @ 4:06pm: Jackson and Sharpton are terrorists?!? Thank God this guy's black or the esteemed reverends would force him into an early retirement (via HotAir and The Big Lead).

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