Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot Wing Conspiracy Fantasy Baseball: Week 21 recap

Well we're only 1 week away from the playoffs baby! And these last 2 weeks are going to be huge. Only the top 6 make it, and while it appears that we already have the 6 likely playoff teams, only one had clinched entering this week's action, and just 3 more would join by week's end...

Wookies Will Repeat - 7
Big Damn Heroes - 4

Sure I'm happy with the win, but going into Sunday's games I was winning 10-1, and only end up winning 7 to 4, and on top of that I drop in the overall rankings despite the win from 5th to 6th. Fortunately, the top six make the playoffs which start next week, and barring an absolute meltdown, I'm in!
MVP: Miguel Tejada. He's had a sub- par season, but came through this week with 3 HRs, 6 RBIs, and hit .346
Dud: Heroes pitching staff. He played to waiver wire to try to make up some ground in pitching, but picked up 6 losses, 4 pitchers who's ERA were in the double digits, and 2 wth ERAs at 27.00.

Robots Eat Babies - 5
PFB - 8

Robots just wasn't prepared for the PFB offensive onslaught. 14 HRs, 41 RBIs, 77 hits, .330 average. Wow. He took 5 of 7 offensive stats and took ERA and WHIP on top of that to seal the win.
MVP: Brandon Philips and Carlos Pena combined to hit .400, 20 hits, 6 HRs, 15 RBIs, and 16 runs scored.
Dud: Phil Hughes and Jeremy Bonderman. Hughes ERA was 7.30 and Bonderman's was a sky high 11.12. Needless to say both picked up losses.

Baseball Rulz! - 9
RFTR - 4

Baesball Rulz put together a solid overall performance, winning both offensive and pitching stats. RFTR managed to blow out Baseball Rulz in the HR and SB categories, but that's it. The silver lining for RFTR is that depsite the loss he's clinched a playoff spot.
MVP: Adrian Gonzales and Mike Lowell combined to hit .464 with 4 HRs, 16 RBIs, 16 hits, and 16 runs.
Dud: RFTR's relievers Billy Wagner and Tom Gordon got hammered with ERAs at 12.00 and 18.00 respectively.

The PAWs - 5
Cookeville Engineers - 7

Apparently the PAWs offense is throwing in the towel on the season already. They forgot, however, to tell the pitching staff. Cookeville took all 7 offensive stats, but only managed to get a tie in saves, otherwise PAWs would have swept the pitching stats.
MVP: Jose Guillen hit .407, with 11 hits and 2 HRs.
Dud: Chad Cordero got lit up. A 54.00 ERA and a loss.

bRight & Early - 10
Joe's Keizer Killers - 2

bRight is the one who leap-frogged me in the standings with this 10-2 thumping of the Keizer. Joe put up a fight in the pitching categories, but was no match at all for bRight's offense. bRight's currently in the #5 spot, and while he hasn't clinched yet, it doesn't look like he'll be knocked out by anyone...
MVP: Ryan Zimmerman hit .333, 3 HRs, 9 hits, and 7 runs scored.
Dud: Mike Mussina could've singlehandedly lost the pitching categories for bRight with a 37.80 ERA in his loss to the Angels. Stupid Yankees...

Webcats - 2
Maximum Poo - 10

Max Poo had another solid, but the game was a little closer than that score would indictate, especially in the pitching categories. Max Poo only blew the cats away in a couple categories (hits, average, and RBI), everything else was pretty closely contested.
MVP: Kenji Johjima, Freddy Sanchez, & Magglio Ordonez each had 11 hits, combined to hit .392 with 6 HRs, 19 RBIs, and 17 runs.
Dud: A.J. Pierzynski hit .167 with a grand total of 3 hits in 18 ABs.

Fmragtops Spewers - 4
Leones de Yucatan - 9
Leones shows again why he's the #2 team in the league, clinching a berth with this win. Even though 9-4 isn't quite a blowout, the categories that he did take from FM were by a LARGE margin. 13-3 in HRs, 46-18 in RBIs, 66-48 in hits, and 3-0 in Wins.
MVP: Matt Holiday continues to puch for the MVP with 12 hits, a .400 average, 3 HRs and 7 RBIs.
Dud: Geoff Jenkins had just 1 hit in 16 ABs for a .063 average

Anna Benson is Yummy - 8
JAX Juggernauts - 3

Mmmm.... Anna.... she's got the sweetest pitching staff this side of the Mississippi. She posted 6 wins. Wow. John Lackey, Brandon Webb, and Jake Peavy. She may only be ranked #4 in the league, but I wouldn't want to face her in the playoffs, but at least she clinched her spot in the dance.
MVP: All that pitching and I'm picking Carlos Lee as the MVP in this matchup. A .414 average with 2 HRs and 12 hits.
Dud: The JAX manager. 3 starters didn't play last week. 2 in fact were on the DL. He's lucky he didn't get demolished.

So here's the top 6 teams, and I'm 99% sure they'll be the playoff teams when things are said and done. The ranks may rearrange a bit, but that's about it. bRight and I haven't clinched yet but #7 (Big Damn Heroes) is 12.5 games back so he'd have to sweep webcats this week and I'd have to lose 13-0 to get knocked out of the playoff picture. However there was one 13-0 victory this year, and Big Damn Heroes pulled it off against PAWs. My worst loss though was only 3-9; in fact I haven't allowed an opponent to get double digit points against me, so I like my odds at making the playoffs.