Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry and the SBVs and POWs

A lot has been made of the Swift Boat Vet controversy and why this even has any bearing on the this year's election. My take to start was that since Kerry couldn't talk about anything other than his Vietnam service, the only thing he left us to discuss was his service record. Then he wouldn't release all his records, so who else was there to listen to regarding his service record other than the SBV. And then when he finally started speaking on the issues, everything somehow got linked to his Vietnam service (it's like that book, everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten or in Kerry's case, Vietnam).

Anyway, Pajama Journal has an open letter to John Kerry from SBVs and families of some POWs. Even if you don't agree, it does a very good job of explaining why so many veterans feel betrayed by Kerry.

UPDATE: Froggy Ruminations has his take as a serviceman on John Kerry and the face he has put on his service record. Froggy compares what could have been a distinguished service to his anti-war activities and finds John Kerry lacking.