Wednesday, December 15, 2004

And just to prove my point... are a couple quick links to some good stuff:

The Rottweiler has Another "Why Do They Hate Us?" Moron Speaks Up:

"A billion Muslims throughout the world have three serious concerns: Palestine needs security and self-respect;" - And they can have it as soon as they become something worth respecting, rather than a cesspool of terrorism.

"...they want the American military out of Islam;" - We weren't aware that the American military was a prominent part of Islam. If, however, they want our troops to leave, they can have that too, as soon as they learn one simple lesson:

"...and they want control of their natural resources (to charge whatever they like for their oil)." - And they aren't doing that at this very moment?
Gee, somebody needs to tell the guy that puts up the numbers at my local gas station that, because apparently he and the company that employs him are still suffering under the delusion that they can't dictate oil prices to their suppliers.

"These are three basic foreign policy questions that any U.S. president could address without compromising the security and interests of America or Israel." - Explain to us how selling the Israelis down the river can be done without compromising their security.
Then explain to us how withdrawing our troops from a region previously controlled by ragheads hellbent on our destruction won't compromise our security.
Finally, explain to us how the supply of oil isn't connected to the security of our nation. That Honda Element that you putt-putt to work every day doesn't run on fairy dust, you know, nor does an M1 Abrams or an F-18 Hornet. Oh, and kindly explain to us how we can be preventing the "devout Muslims" from charging what they want for oil when our military is sitting on top of a significant portion of it. It's not like we couldn't steal it if we wanted to, yet we continue to insist, stubbornly, on paying for it.
We're some bloody incompetent thieves, I'll give you that.

Citizen Smash conitnues his dialogue with Pablo Paredes, a naval deserter... oops, I mean conscientious objector.