Monday, December 06, 2004

Zut alors! I have meessed one!

Ah the French. We all love them and the little things they do that just make life so interesting. Cafes, fine art, wine, nude beaches and... how to propoerly secure explosives on an airplane (via Say Anything):

"Airport police deliberately placed a bag containing plastic explosives into a passenger's luggage early Friday evening, Bouquin said.

The exercise was designed to test sniffer dogs' abilities. One dog successfully detected the item, but the other did not. Before police got another chance, the bag had been carried off on a conveyor belt going from check-in to planes."

But here's the best part, they LOST THE BAGS!!!!

They must have put Inspector Clouseau in charge of airport security over there. Perhaps Rowan Atkinson has been consulted on the proper procedures for baggages-with-explosives-in-them handling.

Whatever's going on over there, it's certainly not helping. At this point they should be treated like a 3 year old around breakables. You just want to tell them, "No please, don't help. No, really. It's OK. We're better off with you just sitting down and not touching anything."

UPDATE: Radio Blogger has the story as well with another quote which exemplifies the French laissez-faire attitude towards... well, everything:

About five ounces of the explosive were slipped into the bag of a passenger during dog training at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The bag ended up flying away on one of 90 flights leaving at the time, and police were trying to track it down Sunday. Airlines, airports and police forces around the world have been alerted.

However, police said the explosive is "no more dangerous than a bar of chocolate."

Ah yes, the true danger of chocolate is revealed! I always knew the "it melts in your mouth not in you hands" slogan was a lie. This has been a public service announcement. Merci beaucoup!

UPDATE: Bummer! Radio Blogger stole my Inspector Clouseau idea! Great minds do think alike however...