Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A day that will live in infamy...

December 7, 1941. America awakens to a surprise attack by the Japanese which finally involves us in World War II. At the time it as the worst surprise attack in US history, and post September 11 it's the worst military surprise attack in US history.

That was a truly tragic day in US history, as Shot in the Dark, Michelle Malkin, and Froggy Ruminations point out our WWII vets are passing away quickly, so find one and thank them for the sacrifices they made to make America safe and promote freedom and democracy in the face of totalitarianism and tyranny. They fought for a noble cause and are deserving of the recognition.

For those who haven't visited the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii, put it on the list of things to do. It's a peaceful, serene, and beautiful place. I was still a teenager at the time of my visit, but the power of the memorial was evident as veterans, on their knees, openly wept for those who died and for those still entombed in the sunken wreckage. That memorial and ground zero at the former world trade center are the two most amazingly emotional and patiotic places I've ever been. All Americans should make that pilgrimage.

UPDATE: Laughing Wolf has a telling history of the Pearl Harbor attacks (via Citizen Smash).

UPDATE: National Geographic has a full timeline and reenactment of events that day. Very cool (via Six Meat Buffet).