Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The godsend that is TiVo

Before I get into my latest favortie show House, I've got to say that TiVo (I have a DVR, but they're essentially the same) is the greatest thing since sliced bread. No more fumbling with VCR timers, no more missing your favorite shows. For the losers who won't leave the house if their favorite show is on (like me), they are no free to live their lives without that hanging over their heads! This is the biggest mass liberation of US citizens since feminism! How crazy is that!

Anyway, I've been recording the series House, every time it airs, but I hadn't had a chance to watch the last three episodes. So instead of wasting my time studying for my physiology final, I watched all three episodes las night (and it only took about 2 and a half hours because you get to fast forward through all the stupid commercials, and since it's a medical based show I don't feel so bad about not studying).

Dr. House's rants when he's forced to actually deal with a patient face to face are hysterical. He had two that I watched yesterday one with a newborn's mother who insisted she didn't want to vaccinate her child just to line the pockets of pharmeceutical fat cats since they'd obviously created a mass hysteria over the subject, padding their bottom line in the process. His response was, "Yeah sure, and you know what other shameless capitalists pad their bottom lines? Baby coffin makers. All thanks to stupid mothers who don't realize that their antibodies only protect the baby for six months." Priceless.

The other patient drove 70 miles out of his way to this hospital for a small stab wound and House deduces it's because he's sued doctors at the closer two hospitals (and because he's cheating on his wife), so now they won't treat him. House treats him and lets him go. When he returns with the lawsuit papers, House says he's got to inform the CDC that he has gonorrhea since it's a health risk, so his wife should be expecting a call shortly from the government. They guy asks for the papers back, House says, "Nope, see you in court." This guy is quickly becoming my hero. He's got that rapier quick wit that I only seem to be able to express via the written word. Upon meeting anyone, I usually stumble over "Hello." My mouth just doesn't seem quick enough to keep up with my brain and then lots of drool and slobber ensues as I fumble. But I digress.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch it, if for nothing else than to keep their ratings up. Otherwise Fox will probably replace it with some other lame reality TV show like My Big Fat Annoying Boss or Rebel Billionaire.