Friday, January 07, 2005

In Good Company

OK, so I only looked into it for the free tickets, and honestly when I heard Hugh mention In Good Company and their free-tickets-for-a-link-from-a-blog promo I couldn't even remember which movie that was. I heard "free" and like a pavlovian blogger I started salivating. So I went and checked the site out (after work of course, friggin websense), and when I saw the main page with Topher, Dennis, and Scarlett I thought, "Oh, thaaaat movie."

I'd seen a few commericals and it looked like it was just going to exploit the uncomfortable situation of young boss/old employee and dating the daughter of your subordinate. But I figured if I'm going to link this movie I ought to see the trailer, and I was thoroughly impressed. It's by the director of About a Boy (great film even though Hugh Grant is in it) and the trailer makes it look much more like a life story, coming of age film (which I love) rather than a cheap drama. I actually do want to see this one.

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