Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The semester begins...

For those of you who've never taken classes at a junior college or community college, I find the classes to be easier but actually getting the class you want I find to be ten times as hard. This is the third semester I've tried to get the human anatomy class that I need and with only 2 classes offered in the evening 24 spots each things don't look good. The Monday/Wednesday class 24 people on top of those already registered tried to crash the class. I'm sure tonight's Tuesday/Thursday class will be the same. This really sucks. This is the last class I need before starting grad school in the fall, and it's starting to piss me off that I can't get in. I never had this problem at UC San Diego, why would the community college be any different?

Some would argue funding, but the answer to that is offer classes people want (it's not rocket science here people). Supply and friggin' demand. The community college could offer twice the anatomy classes because apparently people want to take the class, but if only 24 more people want to pay $50 bucks a unit for the damn class, that's $4,800 (4 units x $50 x 24 students = $4,800). That coupled with normal government funding should be enough, and if it's not they need to trim the fat from the system.

That being said, here's a memo for Moorpark Community College: Open up another anatomy section, dammit! You can expect a student petition shortly.

Thank you.