Monday, January 10, 2005

UN Oil for Food documents

This is why the internet is the second coolest ever (TiVo is still number one, but it's a tight race). A great new blog The Counterterrorism Blog has all the audits of the UN Oil for Food program. Take a little time and browse through and you can read about the UN caving into Saddam's pressure for more money, the UN greasing the palms of "local authorities and supervisors" for "additional tasks performed and costs incurred" who were extremely "dissatisfied" with the report's findings, and that the UN acted before fully considering the legal and political ramifications. Go check out all the documents if you have a day or two to kill.

Duh. But hey, at least you know Fox News and Halliburton didn't make it up.

And major kudos to The Counterterrorism Blog. It appears that they'll be a daily must read.