Thursday, December 22, 2005

French improve anti-terror laws

... including expanding the government's ability to monitor phone calls. It's not wiretaps but I'm sure the ACLU is preparing a nasty letter as we speak and Chuck Schumer will be holding a press conference any moment.

(BBC) The French parliament has given its final backing to a tough new anti-terrorism bill inspired by the UK's response to the London bombings.

The new law will allow increased video surveillance in public areas including airports and places of worship.

Police will also be given more time to question terrorist suspects and to check internet and telephone records.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has led efforts to strengthen anti-terror laws after the 7 July London attacks.

Concerns about the new law have been raised by civil rights groups and left-wing opposition parties.

[...]Mr Sarkozy had defended the bill as providing France with "a more efficient arsenal" and giving "greater powers to law enforcement to avoid a catastrophe".

Correspondents say the French authorities were impressed with the use of video footage in identifying the London bombers.

Hmm... I wonder if the riots had any influence on the voting. Ya gotta hate it when countries take the necessary measures to protect their citizens...