Thursday, March 23, 2006

After dam burst in Hawaii, I'm still waiting for the "Bush hates Hawaiians" crowd to start

Where are they? I'm sure he hates the Hawaiian people just as much as the blacks affected by Katrina...

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) -- More than a week after a dam burst on the island of Kauai, rescue teams called off a search for the four people who remain missing.

The Kaloko dam burst on March 14 after days of heavy rains. It unleashed 300 million gallons of water that destroyed at least two homes. Three people were confirmed dead.

"We have done, and are 120 percent sure, they have covered (all) that they can," Mayor Bryan J. Baptiste told the Kauai Garden Island News.

State leaders have submitted a preliminary damage assessment to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is the first step toward receiving federal monetary help, said Ed Teixeira, vice director of the state Civil Defense Agency.

I'm expecting the Mayor to come out with a Nagin-like statement. "We're the Samoan island! Dark Samoan chocolate drizzled on top of white cocnut and crispy white cookie. Stick us in the heat to bake and you've got a tasty Girl Scout treat!"