Friday, March 24, 2006

The NCAA Tourney just ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and put it through a blender for good measure

Damn you UCLA. Damn you LSU. Actually I'd argue that LSU and UCLA didn't win, but Duke and Gonzaga lost those games. Hell, they practically gave them away. Duke gives up three offensive rebounds off of free throws in the last minute of the game. The last one was the killer. Already up by five, LSU took all their guys and put them back on defense. The only LSU player on that half of the court was the guy shooting the free throws and inbetween 4 Duke players, he gets the rebound. WTF. Does anybody block out anymore?

You. Must. Be. Joking. That was the worst 2 minutes of basketball that Duke had played all year. That's probably the worst 2 minutes of basketball by any college team this year. That is, of course, until I heard about the Gonzaga loss.

I was so pissed about the Duke game, I changed the channel, going back for an update on the remaining games every so often. When I saw Gonzaga winning with a large double digit lead in the second half, I thought I was safe. But no. I didn't see any of it, but I read about UCLA scoring the final 11 points of the game as Gonzaga, like Duke, went into meltdown mode.

And that pretty much throws my bracket right into the toilet. There were four games yesterday. I picked zero correctly. I'm absolutely, totally, majorly, 100% screwed. It will take a miracle of enormous proportions to keep me from finishing last in the family pool. I've got a good chance of losing to my 4 year old cousins who probably picked their teams by the jersey colors.