Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now for something really important...

People's list of the World's Most Beautiful People 2006 is coming out April 28th (don't worry... I won't be holding my breath). And thanks to AOL we get a little preview of some of these beautiful people.

Angelina Jolie - UN spokes-hole hottie
Jessica Alba - Dark Blue Angel hottie
Isaiah Washington - sorry no smart comments on the guys, unless absolutely warranted
Eva Longoria - Desperate hottie
James Blunt - WTF!?! He's got to be the ugliest "beautiful" person on the list
Beyonce - Anytime you want to dump Jay-Z, let me know
Heather Locklear - oldest hottie on the list
Terrance Howard - apparently it's not too hard out there for a pimp
Danica Patrick - fast hottie
Ziyi Zhang - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hottie
Avril Lavigne - another WTF?!? Sure if you pile enough makeup on her, but that's cheating...
Brandon Routh
Rachel Bilson - too skinny OC hottie... yeah I know... they're all too skinny
Naveen Andrews - torturing people is apparently hot... so where's Jack Bauer?
Nicole Kidman - came to her senses before Tom Cruise sacrificed her as mother to his alien spawn hottie

Avril Lavigne and James Blunt? Please... just because you've written a song shouldn't make you "Beautiful People" worthy...