Tuesday, April 25, 2006

10 arrested for roles in Dahab bombings

Finally some good news after so much carnage...

DAHAB, Egypt (AP) — Police arrested 10 people Tuesday and divers retrieved body parts from the sea after three bombs ripped apart a Sinai beach resort at the height of Egypt's tourist season, killing 24 people and injuring more than 80, many of them foreigners.

It was the third terrorist attack on a Sinai resort in less than two years to coincide with a national holiday. It also seemed to open a rift between hard-line al-Qaeda sympathizers and other radical Muslim groups, such as Hamas, which immediately condemned the bombings.

Security police said they had detained for questioning 10 people — three of whom had arrived in Dahab on Sunday and tried to leave the resort 15 minutes after the blasts in a car with fake license plates. The police said they did not yet know if the explosions — timed for maximum destruction in a promenade of bars, restaurants and shops in the early evening — were caused by suicide attackers or bombs on timers.

The blasts were so powerful that police divers worked Tuesday to retrieve body parts from the shallow waters of the sea. At one spot near the beach, two black sandals lay in a pool of blood on a wooden footbridge.

The Hamas codemnation of the bombings is interesting... Counterterrorism blog has more links to the theory al Qaeda is behind the bombings.

Why is Hamas against bombings? They've rationalized bombings as self defense and created a terrorist security branch... Are they trying to talk a good game and pretend the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing to improve their standings in the international community? Maybe get some of that aid back so they can pay their bills? Or are they just trying to keep their power in the face of possible open revolt by the Fatah members of the government?