Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy tax day

I hope everyone has gotten their taxes finished and mailed them off to the happiest of all bureaucracies, the IRS. You got a couple extra days this year since April 15th was a Saturday; hopefully you finished them over the Easter weekend.

On a side note, is April 15th the perfect day for what is, for many, one of the worst days of the year (if you have to pay at least)? Abraham Lincoln dies on April 15th. The Titanic sank on April 15th. Your taxes are due on April 15th. A fairly bad day all around...

So did you do them yourself this year? Do you pay some sweaty, fat guy to do them for you, like me, because mastering the tax code just isn't something you have the spare time for since you'd much rather be learning to cope with increasing levels of electro-shock toture just in case terrorists capture you?

I'm sure you've seen the no IRS image on the sidebar. Click it and check that out as well as It's a link to the proposed idea to eliminate our tax system as we know it and turn instead to a national sales tax.

Give it a look and see what you think...