Monday, April 10, 2006

Today is national illegal immigrant day

So go get yourself some chips and guacamole, maybe some tacos and a margarita, sit back, and enjoy the demostrations...

ATLANTA - Tens of thousands of immigrants spilled into the streets of Atlanta and other cities Monday in a national day of action billed as a "campaign for immigrants' dignity."

In North Carolina and Dallas, immigrant groups called for an economic boycott to show their financial impact. In Pittsburgh and other cities, protesters gathered at lawmakers' offices to make their voices heard as Congress considers immigration reforms.

[...] In Atlanta, police estimated at least 40,000 people, many in white T-shirts and waving signs and American flags, had gathered Monday morning for a two-mile march from a largely immigrant neighborhood in Atlanta.

The protesters had a dual purpose in Georgia: supporting immigrant rights nationally and protesting state legislation awaiting Gov. Sonny Perdue's signature that would require adults seeking many state-administered benefits to prove they are in the country legally.

I like the Georgia law they discuss here... You need state benefits, show us proof of citizenship.

Too bad California doesn't have something like that... Maybe save this state some money...

UPDATE @11:44am: Not sure where the nearest taco fest near you will be? No problemo, amigo! Just check out their website. Need help organizing a school walkout? Donde esta la protest? They've got a website for that too!

Somebody pour me a tequila!!