Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some common sense from Europe

That's notable in and of itself, but especially when it regarding dealing with terrorism...

BBC - Ransom payments to release foreign hostages in Iraq have been criticised by the vice-chairman of the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee.
Baroness Emma Nicholson said payments would only encourage more kidnappings.

It comes after the Times said it had seen documents showing France, Italy and Germany sanctioned millions of dollars of payments to free hostages.

[...] She said she could understand why nations took unilateral action for their own reasons, "but that's not what modern life is all about".

"It's about sticking to common rules, not ignoring them when the going gets rough.

"And the common rule is that you don't negotiate with terrorists, you don't negotiate with kidnappers, you don't do so with money."

I'm practically speechless... She's exactly right. It's like that grade school bully; if you cave in and give him your lunch money, he will pound on you for the rest of your life (so to speak). But as soon as you grow a spine and stand up to him, more often than not he'll leave you alone now that he knows he can't scare you into giving him what he wants. That's why Bush's "stay the course" message, whikle monotonous and perhaps in need of being revamped a bit, is vitally important. As soon as we show weakness, the terrorists will be emboldened because that's exactly what they want... to prove how soft and weak the "Great Satan" is. That their jihad brought the mighty America to it's knees. So depsite troop withdrawals, we still have to maintain a strong presence in Iraq. Maybe use that to our advantage like a commenter suggested, a rope-a-dope. Give the terrorists a little hope, draw them out of their holes, and crush them.

I love it when a plan comes together...