Monday, June 05, 2006

More Fantasy Baseball fun...

GOP and the City put the week 9 summary up pretty quickly. I guess that means I'll actually have to find something real to blog about tomorrow...

bRight & Early - 6
Wookies Will Win - 6

Wookies are on suicide watch as Pujols is headed to the DL. The Magic 8-ball says things "don't look promising". Wookies are in 1st place by only 3 games, B&E is in 2nd.
MVP - Jermaine Dye OF (8R - 3HR - 6RBI)
Goat - Albert Pujols 1B (6K - 4/17 - on DL)

The impossible has happened. Pujols is on the DL. I went to the free agent market and picked up 2 players to hopefully cover for the God among men that is Albert Pujols; Garret Anderson and Phil Nevin. Both were available and combined might equal the productivity of Pujols. I also have Carlos Delgado as my backup first baseman; too bad he's hitting .192 over the last 30 days... I'm not on suicide watch, but I do have Jack Bauer ready to kill Albert should he even think about being on the DL for longer than 15 days. Jack's pissed that something as trivial as an oblique would keep Pujols out of the lineup. Jack's calling you a wuss Albert... watcha gonna do about that?

Any way, last week's matchup was a tough one. B&E is #2, I'm #1, and to be quite honest I was lucky to escape with the tie. I was losing the entire week, by an average of 8 to 4 all week but managed to get the score to 6 to 5 on Saturday, so I was now only losing by one. What put me over into a tie was Matt Clement's hard fought win which broke the tie in that category. Overall my pitching saved me this time; I took 5 of the 6 categories. I didn't have stellar pitching stats, but it was enough to save my ass since I lost 5 of 6 offensive categories...

In my family league, it was no contest. I slaughtered my competition, 10-0. This one really wasn't close, especially in the batting stats. I had an across the board, even attack there; I had 9 different player hit HRs, five players with more than 5 RBIs, and every player had at least 2 RBIs. However, my big stud for the week was pitcher Chris Young. He had 2 starts, got 2 wins, with a 0.00 ERA, a 0.38 WHIP, and 12 K's.